training run #1020

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Wednesday 13 January, 17:20

3C, biting cold wind, wet and dark.  Went for a 7 mile run after work. Was unable to run early morning due to catching a train to Leeds, but wanted to keep up the schedule.  Wrapped up with lightweight jacket and running tights, and needed them on the most exposed bits of the route.  It rained halfway through, drizzle at other times.  I was pleased with the strength and bounce in my legs after carrying my laptop around Leeds. Felt slight right heel niggle and left shin but had some strong spells and was slightly surprised it wasn’t faster than 65 minutes overall. Still over six minutes faster than last Friday though šŸ™‚

Distance:  11.58 km

Time:  1:05:03

Avg HR:  159bpm- high

Avg pace:  5:37 min/km – actually my marathon pace

Calories:  900

White trainers #2


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