Month: February 2016

training run #1051

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Monday 29 February, 06:26

-2C, cold, some high cloud.  Another 7 mile run.  Felt right heel niggle for the first km.  The stand out memory from this run is a glorious red/orange sky in the east reflecting in the water as I started to run around the lake.  My words can’t do it justice, the many shades of colour were truly spectacular.  I was so distracted looking to my left I almost missed seeing rabbits having their breakfast to my right.  Had some nice, smooth spells on this run, really enjoyable.

Distance:  11.6km
Time:  1:07:17
Avg HR:  138bpm 🙂
Avg pace:  5:48 min/km
Calories:  769
Wildlife:  5 rabbits, at least
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training run #1050

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Saturday 27 February, 06:22

1C, cold, overcast.  Went for a 16 mile run.  Tried a different fuelling strategy after some fuzzy head spells on last two long runs.  Usually run before eating breakfast but today I had a small pot of porridge.

Porridge pot

Would have liked to leave a decent gap between eating and running, but needed to get off early so ran 40 minutes after porridge. Had gels at 8km and 17km and 500ml water. No fuzzy head today and no stomach issues either. Good practice for race day too.

Legs felt OK but as I’ve run 4 days in a row I kept it to an easy pace. Minor heel niggle at the beginning but nothing else of note. I was running early to avoid bumping into (literally) the Park Run at RV, and noticed I’d also managed to avoid a triathlon event that was starting as I exited the park for the last km home.

Distance:  25.8km
Time:  2:37:47
Avg HR:  140bpm 🙂
Avg pace:  6:07 min/km
Calories:  1644
Wildlife:  5 rabbits
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training run #1049

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Friday 26 February, 06:23

1C, cold, high cloud cover.  Another 7 mile run. The grey day was in contrast to the crisp, clear sunny starts I’ve had so far this week. Got on with it and enjoyed the run.

Distance:  11.55km
Time:  1:08:40
Avg HR:  141bpm
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km
Calories:  802
Wildlife:  3 rabbits
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training run #1048

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Thursday 25 February, 06:28

-1C, cold, clear skies.  Another 7 mile run. The marathon training schedule has been calling for an 8 mile run here and there, and intervals, but with new trainers, heel niggle easing gradually and the overall mileage stepping up I’ve played safe so far. Can insert a few intervals if my heel clears completely, and maybe throw in a midweek 8 miler next week. A straightforward run today, cold and crispy, lovely sunrise, only a few thoughts of work in my head.

Distance:  11.57km
Time:  1:08:53
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km
Calories:  791
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training run #1047

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Wednesday 24 February, 06:22

-3C, clear skies and cold.  A 7 mile run. Wrapped up well and enjoyed the crisp, frozen conditions.  Felt good, no problems.  The sun crept up over the horizon as I exited the park.

Distance:  11.64km
Time: 1:07:27
Avg HR:  139bpm
Avg pace: 5:48 min/km
Calories:  743
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training run #1046

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Monday 22 February, 06:31

4C, cool and overcast.  A 7 mile run.  My legs were still feeling the 20 mile run on Saturday, and my right heel was sore/calf a bit stiff.  Heel eased off a bit after 2km, but felt it on and off.  There was a light shower on the first lap.  Think I need to change the battery in chest strap as Garmin showed some odd HR spikes.  This was a tough run, but just plugged on and got it done.

Distance:  11.6km
Time:  1:10:30
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  6:05 min/km
Calories:  758
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training run #1045

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Saturday 20 February, 07:17

7C, cloudy and windy.  Went for a 20 mile run.  Started off at an easy pace, making sure I didn’t crash and burn.  Had one gel before starting and more at 8km, 17km and 25km, and drank 1 litre of water.  Nearly lost one of the gels, just caught it twice as it slipped out of my belt.  Legs seemed OK, new trainers doing well.

Buying water at the Co-op at 13 miles I was a bit surprised when the shop assistant asked me which ironman I’d done. Think she mistook my running tattoos for ironman, told her I just run – its my twin that does ironman. She replied she’d done Wiesen-baden (?) ironman 7 years ago in 17 hours something.

Light rain on and off between Swallownest and home, not a problem.

About 26k I had another fuzzy head spell, until the gel I took at 25k kicked in. Think I need to revise my long run approach.  Wonder if the fuzzy is my body switching from stored glycerine to burning fats. Might have a mini-breakfast next time before running, instead of eating after the run. And maybe add another gel to my belt.

Finished tired but in reasonable shape, no niggles or worries.  It was 10 mins slower than I’d expected, but it was windy and I’m just keen to get round without injury. Seven weeks to Manchester Marathon.

Distance:  32.2km
Time:  3:18:24
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  6:10 min/km
Calories:  2106
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training run #1044

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Friday 19 February, 06:27

-1C, cold, clear skies.  Another 7 mile run.  Felt good so set off at a reasonable pace (for me), strong and bouncy.  Lots of ice and frozen puddles throughout.  Finished 3.5 minutes faster than the other runs this week, making it more like a Marathon Pacing Session. Hope I’ve left enough energy to do the long weekend run tomorrow, instead of on Sunday.

Distance:  11.67km
Time:  1:04:56
Avg HR:  151bpm
Avg pace:  5:34 min/km
Calories:  839
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training run #1043

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Wednesday 17 February, 06:28

4C, cold, rainy.  Another 7 mile run. There was light rain throughout this run, and a cold headwind on the nearside of the lake.  Finished in a similar time to yesterday and right heel seems to be less of an issue in these trainers. A trip to London tomorrow (for work) means I will skip a day, next planned run Friday.

Distance:  11.55km
Time:  1:08:25
Avg HR:  139bpm
Avg pace:  5:55 min/km
Calories:  835
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training run #1042

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Tuesday 16 February, 06:31

-2C, cold, clear skies.  Another 7 mile run.  Wrapped up well for this and even wore my running hat (a really rare occurrence).  Didn’t bother with my running light as there was just enough pre-dawn light to run safely into the park. Nice feeling the frosty ground crunching underfoot and watching the sky change colours as the sunrise came.

Distance:  11.68km
Time:  1:08:19
Avg HR:  139bpm
Avg pace:  5:51 min/km
Calories:  772
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