Day: February 14, 2016

training run #1041

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Sunday 14 February, 07:41

1C, a cold northerly wind, sunrise and blue skies.  Went for a 16 mile run.  I took a big chance and wore my new Brooks Ghost trainers for this run.  I know I should break them in gradually so my feet/legs get used to them on shorter runs, but my current trainers are worn out, expired.  They felt comfortable and I enjoyed a lot of light forefoot running.  I hardly noticed my right heel at all and my already-blistered instep didn’t trouble my running style.  I had 500ml water and 2 gels.  It was lovely and sunny but bitterly cold when in the wind.  

About 18km, when passing through Wales and heading back down into Rother Valley, I felt a bit odd.  I got a sort of fuzzy head and though running downhill my legs were very heavy.  I put it down to low glucose and eased off until the gel I had at 17km hit my system.  I returned to normal on the long winding road into RV and finished fine, tired but OK.

My opinion on the new trainers is; my calves feel they’ve worked differently today but they’re not at all stiff.  My left shin niggle was non-existent and my right heel is much better post-run than usual.  My left instep blistered slightly but not at all bad for the long distance. I think the Brooks are going to be OK for me, hopefully.

Distance:  25.84km

Time:  2:34:30

Avg HR:  143bpm

Avg pace:  5:59 min/km

Calories:  1775

Brooks Ghost *new trainers*

Wildlife:  1 peacock

new trainers

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Friday 12 February I paid a visit to Sweatshop to get some new trainers.  My current pair of Asics Gel Cumulus are 51 weeks old, I did my first run in them on 17th Feb 2015 and just haven’t had time and/or money to replace them, until now.  

Asics Gel Cumulus when new
current trainers when they were new
current trainers -as they are now
current trainers, after 51 weeks and 1131 running miles

I asked for gait analysis and the sales chap did the works.  I do doubt the accuracy of treadmill tests though, as I so rarely use a treadmill I’m sure my running style is affected by my trying not to fall off the machine.  Apparently, my left ankle rotates inwards ever so slightly and I opted for some custom insoles and neutral cushioned trainers.  I usually have neutral trainers and as I’m 8 weeks away from a marathon I judged that I’d not try anything too different.

I tried Brooks, Saucony and Asics trainers and, after 7 years of wearing Asics thought I’d have a try with a pair of Brooks Ghost shoes.

My new trainers - Brooks Ghost
my new trainers -Brooks Ghost

I’m determined to be more sensible and retire running shoes earlier in future.  If these Brooks are OK I will buy another pair and plan ahead. I’ve got an important (to me) race in November ’16 and I have to keep injury free for that.