Day: February 20, 2016

training run #1045

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Saturday 20 February, 07:17

7C, cloudy and windy.  Went for a 20 mile run.  Started off at an easy pace, making sure I didn’t crash and burn.  Had one gel before starting and more at 8km, 17km and 25km, and drank 1 litre of water.  Nearly lost one of the gels, just caught it twice as it slipped out of my belt.  Legs seemed OK, new trainers doing well.

Buying water at the Co-op at 13 miles I was a bit surprised when the shop assistant asked me which ironman I’d done. Think she mistook my running tattoos for ironman, told her I just run – its my twin that does ironman. She replied she’d done Wiesen-baden (?) ironman 7 years ago in 17 hours something.

Light rain on and off between Swallownest and home, not a problem.

About 26k I had another fuzzy head spell, until the gel I took at 25k kicked in. Think I need to revise my long run approach.  Wonder if the fuzzy is my body switching from stored glycerine to burning fats. Might have a mini-breakfast next time before running, instead of eating after the run. And maybe add another gel to my belt.

Finished tired but in reasonable shape, no niggles or worries.  It was 10 mins slower than I’d expected, but it was windy and I’m just keen to get round without injury. Seven weeks to Manchester Marathon.

Distance:  32.2km
Time:  3:18:24
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  6:10 min/km
Calories:  2106
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