Day: February 29, 2016

training run #1051

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Monday 29 February, 06:26

-2C, cold, some high cloud.  Another 7 mile run.  Felt right heel niggle for the first km.  The stand out memory from this run is a glorious red/orange sky in the east reflecting in the water as I started to run around the lake.  My words can’t do it justice, the many shades of colour were truly spectacular.  I was so distracted looking to my left I almost missed seeing rabbits having their breakfast to my right.  Had some nice, smooth spells on this run, really enjoyable.

Distance:  11.6km
Time:  1:07:17
Avg HR:  138bpm 🙂
Avg pace:  5:48 min/km
Calories:  769
Wildlife:  5 rabbits, at least
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