training run #1064

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Sunday 20 March, 06:28

5C rising to 9C, cool, mostly overcast.  A 20 mile run, the last long run of this marathon training plan.  Felt OK and set out at an easy, comfortable pace.  Had a porridge pot for a mini breakfast, then gels at 7km, 14km, 21km and 25km, and 1 litre of water.  The sun came out a bit for the last third of the run, and around the same point my heart rate on Garmin went to the top of the scale (170+). Odd, as the route was heading downhill from Swallownest to the Beighton by-pass at that point.  HR stayed high to the end even though I was feeling not bad and not pushing the pace.  Pleased to get round nicely, tired but not broken at the end.

Distance:  32.21km
Time:  3:11:34
Avg HR:  159bpm (error?)
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km
Calories:  2507
Wildlife:  2 peacocks and 3 peahens
Brooks Ghost trainers


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