Month: March 2016

training run #1058

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Friday 11 March, 06:28

0C, cool, some cloud.  A 7 mile run today.  Just ran this one at an easy pace, saving something in case I decide to do the long run tomorrow.  A bit wet underfoot in places, rather than icy.  Left leg felt a bit weak, but no problems.

Distance:  11.58km
Time:  1:07:21
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  5:49 min/km
Calories:  748
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training run #1057

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Thursday 10 March, 06:29

6C, cool, overcast and grey.  I stayed overnight in London on business so fitted in a 6 mile run. Felt OK and just ran at an easy pace, slow in parts where I had to figure out my route or climbed steps.  Ran from hotel on Waterloo Road towards the station/river then followed the Thames eastwards, past ITV studios, Blackfriars, HMS Belfast, City Hall to Tower Bridge.  Crossed over the bridge to the Tower of London, then westwards to Waterloo Bridge and back to hotel. Lots of landmarks made it interesting. A few dead ends where building work interrupted continuity were the only downside.  A bit of very light rain towards the end. Will run this route again if I can get that hotel in the future.

Distance:  9.87km
Time:  58:41
Avg HR:  141bpm
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km
Calories:  697
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training run #1056

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Tuesday 8 March, 06:20

-1C, cold, high cloud cover.  A 7 mile run.  Saw another spectacular red/orange sky as I entered Rother Valley.  Legs felt good and I ran by feel rather than checking Garmin.  Had a lot of bounce and light forefoot running, and it got better on the second lap.  Finished strong, great run.

Distance:  11.56km
Time:  1:04:46 🙂
Avg HR:  145bpm 🙂
Avg pace:  5:36 min/km 🙂
Calories:  839
Wildlife:  4 rabbits
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training run #1055

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Monday 7 March, 06:25

-1C, cold, clear skies. A 7 mile run. Right heel was stiff for first 2km. Felt OK otherwise and enjoyed the cold crisp weather and golden sunrise. Iced over puddles and ice across the path in places. Lovely run.

Distance:  11.57km
Time:  1:06:56
Avg HR:  141bpm
Avg pace:  5:47 min/km
Calories:  788
Wildlife:  3 rabbits
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training run #1054

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Saturday 5 March, 06:32

2C, cool, breezy.  A 20 mile run today.  It started off bright with the sun rising, clouded over for the middle part, then brightened up again at the end.  Carried on with my new fuelling approach with a porridge pot pre-run breakfast, had 4 gels at 7km, 14km, 21km and 26 km, and drank 1 litre of water.  It seemed to work as I didn’t have a fuzzy head spell and felt slightly better (but still tired!) on the latter part of the run.  Might also be down to a cautious pace, took it easy especially early on.  A good run. Five weeks to Manchester Marathon.

Distance:  32.21km
Time:  3:17:56
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  6:09 min/km
Calories:  2396
Wildlife:  6 rabbits; 2 peacocks
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training run #1053

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Friday 4 March, 06:25

1C, cold, rain and sleet.  A 7 mile run.  Horrible conditions for the first half of this run. The sleet stopped for the second lap of Rother Valley.  Tricky underfoot with deep, wide puddles all over.  Stats similar to yesterday’s.

Distance:  11.55km
Time:  1:06:52
Avg HR:  145bpm
Avg pace:  5:48 min/km
Calories:  864
Wildlife:  6 rabbits
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training run #1052

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Thursday 3 March, 06:27

1C, cold, clear skies. A 7 mile run. I’d had 2 days off running due to a business trip and then staying in for a window repairer, so expected I’d feel strong and I did. Planning to run again Friday and then a long run Saturday, so paced myself a bit. Conditions were great, I like it cold and frosty, and there was a nice sunrise.  The sun came up at the beginning of the second lap today, showing the approach of spring.

Distance:  11.68km
Time:  1:06:45
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  5:43 min/km
Calories:  847
Wildlife:  4 rabbits
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