Day: May 21, 2016

training run #1097

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Saturday 21 May, 07:15

13C, overcast, mild and windy.  Went for a 15 mile run. Had a gel before starting, lost one somewhere in the first 7km so used the remaining two at 9km and 18km.  Drank 500ml water.  Legs felt OK but not brilliant, in spite of only doing 2 weekday runs because of work and a drive to the airport. There was a bit of light drizzle early on but the rain held off.

Returning through Rother Valley I was running anticlockwise against the dozens of runners doing Park Run 5k, but didn’t have any collisions 🙂

Distance:  24.34km
Time:  2:24:05
Avg HR:  154bpm
Avg pace:  5:55min/km
Calories:  1974
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