training run #1101

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Sunday 29 May, 06:54

7C, overcast and mild.  Went for a 15 mile run.  Felt a bit tired from the start, not just legs but all over.  Right heel was sore early on, and right hamstring was slightly tight.  So ran at a comfortable pace and didn’t check Garmin, I let my mind wander a bit and the hills passed without difficulty.  Had gels at 7km, 14km and 19km, and drank 500ml water.

Carried a camera today, just on the off chance I saw something of interest, perhaps a peacock or similar. What do you know, at 7km that’s what I saw:


Finished quite strong, its as though my legs got better with distance.  As I ran round the lake on the return I was running easy at 5:30 min/km (good for me).

Distance:  24.33km
Time:  2:21:45
Avg HR:  150bpm
Avg pace:  5:50 min/km
Calories:  1712
Brooks Ghost trainers
Wildlife:  1 peacock, 1 pea hen, 1 squirrel, 2 rabbits


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