Month: May 2016

training run #1095

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Monday 16 May, 06:25

6C, cool and sunny.  A 7 mile run.  Legs felt OK so included an interval session in the run, 6x 400m with 200m recovery.  The park was relatively busy at this early hour, didn’t have it to myself and can’t blame them with a fantastic sunrise and cool breeze.  Thought I’d kept up a reasonable pace and was pleasantly surprised to find I’d run well under 63 minutes.

Distance:  11.53km
Time:  1:02:49
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  5:27 min/km
Calories:  810
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training run #1094

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Saturday 14 May, 06:49

5C, cool and bright.  Went for a 15 mile run.  Had 4 gels and 500ml water.  It felt really cold on windy exposed sections, and very warm in the sunny sheltered parts.  No real problems but not a fast run, didn’t have lots of bounce today. A good run.

Distance:  24.32km
Time:  2:24:33
Avg HR:  147bpm
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km
Calories:  1754
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training run #1093

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Thursday 12 May, 07:39

12C, bright, windy and mild.  A 7 mile run. Legs felt OK in spite of more garden tidying, so I included an interval session.  Did 6x400m with 200m recovery.  Noticed lots of fluffy goslings today, closely guarded by their parents. Drank 500ml water. A good run.

Distance:  11.48km
Time:  1:04:19
Avg HR:  148bpm
Avg pace:  5:36 min/km
Calories:  875
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Wildlife:  4 rabbits; 2 dozen goslings

training run #1092

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Tuesday 10 May, 07:33

12C, high cloud, mild, strong northerly breeze. A 7 mile run.  Legs felt tired after spending Monday tidying the garden, with several trips to the recycling centre. My hamstrings in particular were sore/tight.  So just kept a very easy pace and didn’t do intervals today. Drank 500ml water.

Distance:  11.5km
Time:  1:07:44
Avg HR:  140bpm
Avg pace:  5:53 min/km
Calories:  841
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training run #1091

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Sunday 8 May, 06:39

8C, cool, bright and misty/foggy.  Went for a 15 mile run.  Legs felt good and I just paced myself without checking Garmin.  Had a gel before running, then at 7km, 14km and 19km, with 500ml water.  The mist got thicker as I climbed uphill, and the sun didn’t actually break through until after I’d got home.  A good run.

Distance:  24.3km
Time:  2:23:14
Avg HR:  149bpm
Avg pace:  5:54 min/km
Calories:  1912
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training run #1090

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Friday 6 May, 07:46

7C, bright and cool. A 7 mile run.  Great weather and legs felt OK.  Drank 100ml water.  Ran by feel and settled into a nice rhythm. Lovely run.

Distance:  11.61km
Time:  1:06:04
Avg HR:  140bpm
Avg pace:  5:42 min/km
Calories:  839
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Wildlife:  8 rabbits 🙂

training run #1089

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Wednesday 4 May, 07:36

4C, cool, sunny. A 7 mile run. Right heel was sore for first 2km, but it eased off and I settled into an easy pace.  Lovely weather and the park was fairly quiet.

Distance:  11.54km
Time:  1:06:20
Avg HR:  139 bpm
Avg pace:  5:45 min/km
Calories:  803
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