Month: June 2016

training run #1116

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Thursday 30 June, 06:29

10C, sunny, warm.  A 7 mile run.  Lovely weather for running, warm sunshine but with a breeze.  Drank 500ml water.  Felt right heel a little but enjoyed this run.

Distance:  11.49km

Time:  1:05:03

Avg HR:  157bpm!!

Avg pace:  5:40 min/km

Calories:  921!?

Brooks Ghost trainers #2

Wildlife:  10 rabbits

training run #1115

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Tuesday 28 June, 06:28

11C, mild, bright with high cloud. A 7 mile run.  There were more runners around than usual on the first lap.  Noticed right heel niggle on and off.  A straightforward run.

Distance:  11.45km
Time:  1:06:36
Avg HR:  142bpm
Avg pace:  5:49 min/km
Calories:  813
Brooks Ghost trainers #2
Wildlife:  3 squirrels, 2 rabbits

training run #1114

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Sunday 26 June, 06:24

13-16C, warm, cloudy with sunny breaks.  A 15 mile run.  Legs felt OK but not especially strong. Felt right heel niggle and a stiff calf on and off.  Had 3 gels and 500ml water.  First time I have seen a deer while running. It was on the road 100m ahead as I headed along the road into Harthill.

Distance:  24.35km
Time:  2:24:51
Avg HR:  145bpm 🙂
Avg pace:  5:57 min/km
Calories:  1712
Brooks Ghost trainers #2
Wildlife:  16 rabbits, 1 squirrel, 1 peacock, 1 deer 🙂

training run #1113

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Friday 24 June, 06:29

13C, mild, sunny.  A 7 mile run.  Legs felt OK and thought I’d done just a normal 65-66 minute run.  Must have had an extra spring in my step as it was a 63+ minute run, which is good for me.

Took a few photos. Today the leave-EU result was announced yet Rother Valley still looks the same… beautiful 🙂


wp-1466796452770.jpgDistance:  11.52km
Time:  1:03:33
Avg HR:  152bpm
Avg pace:  5:31 min/km
Calories:  878
Brooks Ghost trainers #2

training run #1112

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Wednesday 22 June,  06:25

13C, mild, overcast. A 7 mile run.  Had a bit on my mind during this run and it felt like I was pushing the pace a little.  Felt right heel on and off.  A good run and a modest improvement in time over yesterday.

Distance:  11.47km
Time:  1:05:00
Avg HR:  147bpm
Avg pace:  5:40 min/km
Calories:  884
Brooks Ghost trainers #2
Wildlife:  6 rabbits

training run #1111

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Tuesday 21 June, 06:29

12C, mild, sunny.  A 7 mile run.  Legs felt OK but it ended up with a slow time. A straightforward run.

Distance:  11.54km
Time:  1:06:25
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  5:45 min/km
Calories: 816
Brooks Ghost trainers #2
Wildlife:  3 squirrels, 6 rabbits

training run #1110

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Saturday 18 June, 06:23

11C, cool and overcast.  A 15 mile run.  I felt a bit off when I got up, a bit flushed / hot and a stiff back.  Would have been easy to get back in bed, but decided to stick to the plan for a run and see how it goes.  Just ran at an easy pace and didn’t check Garmin for any stats.  Had gels at 7, 14 and 19km and 500ml water. Could have done with more water.  It ended up as a slow time, but just pleased to finish OK and didn’t throw up or have any big problems.

Distance:  24.33km
Time:  2:26:34
Avg HR:  143bpm
Avg pace:  6:01 min/km
Calories:  1655
Brooks Ghost trainers #2
Wildlife:  9 rabbits, 1 peacock