Day: August 21, 2016

training run #1145

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Sunday 21 August, 06:42

14C, wet, cloudy, mild. A 15 mile run.  I heard the rain on the window but dragged myself out of bed.  There were heavy showers for the first 5-6km.  Turning west in Kiveton I had a headwind, then the sun broke through and it felt warm for the return home.

This was my second long run done listening to running podcasts. They seemed to distract me from monitoring my running effort, and a collection of niggles came and went. Again, I seemed to run slightly faster (than without iPod) and I finished tired but not wrecked.

Distance:  24.34km

Time:  2:21:20

Avg HR:  146bpm

Avg pace:  5:48 min/km

Calories:  1715

Brooks Ghost trainers #1

Wildlife:  2 peacocks