training run #1155

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Sunday 4 September, 06:30

14C, a breezy and mostly overcast day. A 16 mile run. Legs felt OK but the right heel niggle bothered me on and off all run. Ran with podcasts on phone, as is becoming the norm, and I’m sure this helps me to run with an even effort and not focus on the action of running. Had 3 gels and 500ml water. 

I did an extra lap of the northern lake to add a mile to my 15 mile route.  Was surprised to see I was only 1 minute slower than last week in spite of the extra mile. Finished tired but ok, not wrecked :-). 9 weeks to New York marathon. 

Distance:  25.79km

Time:  2:26:30

Avg HR:  157bpm

Avg pace:  5:41 min/km

Calories:  1982

Brooks Ghost trainers #2

Wildlife:  4 rabbits, 1 peacock

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