Day: September 6, 2016

training run #1156

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Tuesday 6 September, 06:20

19C, warm, some cloud, some sun. A 7 mile run. With the heat and my niggly right heel/foot I planned to go easy. Drank 500ml water and really felt the humidity. Saw a rainbow as I rounded the northern lake on the first lap. The sunrise broke through as lap 2 started, stunning. Finished hot and sweaty, and tired. Amazed that I’d run under 63 minutes, as I had not checked Garmin and expected a much slower time. 

Distance:  11.45km

Time:  1:02:58

Avg HR:  153bpm

Avg pace:  5:30 min/km

Calories:  864

Brooks Ghost trainers #2

Wildlife:  1 squirrel