Day: September 8, 2016

training run #1157

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Thursday 8 September, 06:10

14C, mild, breezy. A 7 mile run. The high cloud was crimson red awaiting the sunrise, beautiful. Didn’t run on Weds due to working in Leeds, and today my legs felt OK. The right heel niggle went away after a couple of km so decided to include  3x 400m intervals. After this I kept pushing and finished in a good (for me) time. Not a PB but it’s the fastest I’ve done this route for a while. 

Distance:  11.47km

Time:  1:01:37 🙂 season best?

Avg HR:  161bpm

Avg pace:  5:22 min/km

Calories:  841

Brooks Ghost trainers #2

Wildlife:  3 squirrels, 2 rabbits