training run #1172

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Sunday 9 October 06:51

7C, clear skies, cold. A 16 mile run. It was especially cold running through RV with mist on the water and a cold breeze, felt less cold after climbing up to Woodall. Had 3 gels and 500ml water. Listened to podcasts again. 

The highlight of this run was as I approached Harthill. On the road ahead I saw a deer crossing. I had a pit stop soon after and looked across to see a group of five deer cross a meadow, passing into another wood. It was too far distant to snap a photo but great to see. Only my second sighting of deer in 1172 runs!

Was surprised at the average pace at the finish as I’d not been pushing. HR seems high again.  Great running weather, if a bit chilly in only a running vest and shorts šŸ™‚  Just 4 weeks to New York marathon, it is feeling close now.

Distance:  25.81km

Time:  2:23:56

Avg HR:  161bpm

Avg pace:  5:35 min/km

Calories:  1342

Brooks Ghost trainers #3

Wildlife:  5 deer, 1 peacock, 2 peahens, 1 rabbit

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