training run #1177

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Sunday 13 October 06:45

8C, cool, breezy, high cloud. A 20 mile run. Legs felt OK and I just took it steady. Podcasts in ears again. Had 4 gels and 1 litre of water. 

I didn’t tire as badly as usual, felt like I had a bit more at 13 miles and towards the end. No big problems, just the usual foot soreness from pounding the pavement. 

Looked out for the usual ostentation of peacocks but there were none around today. (Learned that collective noun on a game show yesterday)

The day started out with high cloud and some mist. See photo of a moody sky taken at Rother Valley. By 13 miles the rain started and got quite heavy, lasted right through to the end. 

The taper begins now. Three weeks to New York marathon.

Distance:  32.22km

Time:  3:07:03

Avg HR:  no data

Avg pace:  5:48 min/km

Calories:  2678

Brooks Ghost trainers #3


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