Day: October 27, 2016

training run #1183

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Thursday 27 October 06:37

11C, cool, dark, overcast. A 6 mile run including 20 minute Marathon Pacing Session. This was a really straightforward run. Right calf stiffened a little. Drank 500ml water. 

Another runner ran alongside for the last half lap, telling me about a diet he was on based on what Cretians ate/eat; greens and fatty meat, no sugar based foods. Interesting.
Distance:  9.73km

Time:  54:52

Avg pace:  5:38 min/km


Warm up 2 km:  5:50 min/km

MPS 20 mins / 3.76km:  5:18 min/km

23.09 mins / 3.97km :  5:49 min/km

Calories:  801

Brooks Ghost trainers #3

Wildlife:  1 rabbit