Day: December 12, 2016

training run #1193

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Monday 12 December, 06:24

3C, foggy, cool. A 7 mile run. The headlamp didn’t help much, with the fog moisture glaring back at me. Though I’ve been round the route hundreds and hundreds of times I felt disorientated at times and zig-zagged across the path in parts. So I was surprised to do a decent time/avg pace.

It is 16 weeks to the Manchester marathon so I’m starting to focus on another training sequence. It feels like I am still recovering from doing the 2 USA marathons, so I’ll be tailoring the first few weeks around work and my fitness.


Time:  1:02:07

Avg pace:  5:25 min/km

Calories:  936

Brooks Ghost trainers #3

Wildlife:  2 rabbits