training run #1199

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Thursday 29 December, 08:25

2C, cold and frosty, clear skies. A 7 mile run. Tried wearing the Fitbit Surge higher up my wrist for better HR tracking but it wobbled about. Moved it back to my wrist bone at 1.2k.  

I think the average HR would have been in the low-mid 150s, but I literally sprinted the last 1.4k around Rother Valley. I’d been gradually catching up to a slower runner and expected to pass them easily around the northern lake. But they inexplicably speeded up, they’d not been doing intervals or fartlek up until then. So I lifted my knees and sprinted to the park exit and up the hill. A good exercise for my legs anyway. 

The cold sunny weather was great, I loved the low sun beaming across the water. 

Distance:  11.51km

Time:  1:03:49

Avg HR:  161bpm

Avg pace:  5:32 min/km

Calories:  848

Brooks Ghost trainers #3

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