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Wednesday 15 March

After a few days of 

  • foam rollering,
  • stretching more thoroughly than usual
  • rolling an ice water bottle underfoot, and
  • rolling foot on a tennis ball at work

a lot of the soreness and stiffness in my foot had eased. But I still felt some discomfort so visited the physio for a sports massage on my calves/feet.

He pinpointed the remaining focus of soreness at the joint of my third metatarsal.  Seems unlikely to be plantar fasciitis as I’d thought. Can’t diagnose it specifically in a massage but could be a stress fracture, for example.  

Discussing my marathon in 2.5 weeks, I was advised to try taping cotton wool in the location to soften the impact; run on softer surfaces where possible.

I’m pleased that general soreness and stiffness has eased and now have to monitor this injury/pain.


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