Day: April 2, 2017

recovery run #1255

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Sunday 2 April, 07:36

7C, cool, bright. A 4 mile run on grass.  Walked to RV and ran one full lap and then to the southern end and back.  Grass slick with dew so feet got wet. I was breathing heavy at times, running on uneven, muddy grass rather that tarmac is harder work. 

Foot didn’t complain much if at all. Could have gone further before hitting pain but decided on a conservative approach. Stayed at RV for a few stretches then walked home.  Felt like a few lateral / stabilising muscles on my hips got a workout.  Will try switching to imperial distance / pace for a bit, it is less relevant off road anyway.

Distance:  4.01 miles

Time:  36:00

Avg HR:  149bpm

Avg pace:  8:58 min/mile

Calories:  433

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin