training run #1263

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Wednesday 19 April, 06:48

3C, cold, sunny. A 4 mile trail run at Fox House. Got up early to drive into Derbyshire to get some trail experience. I had picked out a route from Fox House, along Burbage Edge to Ringinglow Road, returning on a trail path a bit lower down. 

After a bit of climbing I was rewarded with some fantastic views.

You can see the return path down below in the photo. As I went along the lower path I met a flock of sheep. Rather than scattering left and right they ran along the path for around a quarter of a mile! Was surprised how fast they can run 🙂

I enjoyed the change of scenery and the stop/start nature of trail running, pausing to enjoy the views. Felt I could have gone much further. Drank 200ml water and had a gel at the start and finish.

Distance:  4.17 miles

Time:  48:11

Avg HR:  129bpm

Avg pace:  11:32 min / mile

Calories:  508

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 flock of sheep, 2 highland coo and a big black bird 

One thought on “training run #1263

    […] still passed a couple.  Overall I felt I’d made good progress fitness-wise, having only started running off-road on 19 April.  Previously I’d have never managed to keep going on the uphills. The posted race […]

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