training run #1264

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Friday 21 April, 06:53

7C, cold, windy and overcast. A 6 mile trail run.  Went out along Burbage Edge again but did a bigger return loop.  

I’d paused the Fitbit and forgot to restart it (see map), and at that part of the run I veered off course and had to backtrack. I estimate a mile is missing off the Fitbit.  

I can see its sometimes more appropriate to measure trail running by time, and I finished at 08:21. So that’s a 1hr 28 run.  Fitbit showed 954ft of elevation gain, and with the missing mile it’ll be way over 1,000ft.  Enjoyed this.

Time:  1:28:00

Distance:  6 miles (estimated)

Avg HR:  135bpm

Avg pace:  12:42 min/mile (Fitbit as measured)

Calories:  850 (estimated)

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

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