training run #1268

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Sunday 30 April, 06:50

6C, cold, windy, bright. A 9 mile run from Fox House down along Curbar Edge and Froggatt.  Was thinking of just wearing a t-shirt at 6C, but stepping out of the car it was freezing so swapped for a long sleeved top and Salomon jacket!  Good call.

I’d found an 11 mile run on OS Maps and cropped a bit off the far end and expected it to be around 10 miles.  There were stunning views running along Curbar, with a sheer drop down to Grindleford and the valley.  

Had a gel around miles 3 and 6, drank 500ml water.  Mobile battery died at 5.5 miles but the route back to the car was really straightforward (unlike the outward route, a bit more fiddly).  Losing the phone meant I could not snap a pic of a herd of deer at 6 miles, half ran off and half stood in a field watching me, around 15 of them in all.

Noticed right foot on and off but no dramas.  Enjoyed this route, will be running it again soon. And I’m feeling prepared for the midweek race as I know I’ll manage less than 6 miles ok.

Distance:  9.15 miles

Time:  1:50:22

Avg HR:  135bpm

Avg pace:  12:03

Calories:  1214

Elevation gain:  1332ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  15 deer

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