Month: May 2017

training run #1281

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Wednesday 31 May, 06:31

9C, mild, sunny, no wind.  A 7 mile run.  Intended to do a comfortable pace but towards the end of the first lap I pushed a little and did a reasonable overall time (for me).  Ran on grass and path today, foot niggle was there but very slight.  Drank 500ml water. Fantastic weather for running.

I’ve been using a Fitbit Surge watch since Christmas but there’s a problem with the strap so have switched to TomTom Runner 3, which doesn’t have a HR sensor.  Will get the Fitbit fixed.

Distance:  7.07 miles

Time:  1:02:56

Avg HR:  no data

Avg pace:  8:54 min/mile

Calories:  887

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1280

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Bank Holiday Monday 29 May, 07:05

12C, cool, misty and drizzly.  A 6 mile run, aiming to learn about the Blacka Moor route ahead of the race on 20/6.  Started on Penny Lane and headed along the route, uphill of course.  Found the second hill a bit steep, and got my turning wrong.  Ended up going anti-clockwise around the loop rather than clockwise.  At least I’ve seen the route now though.  This meant I did the long and very steep downhill as a strong walk uphill, and given the damp weather I probably avoided breaking my neck doing it this way round. 

On Totley Moor I could see a turn on my map/phone but it took me a few mins to find it in the low cloud. Yikes, lost on the moors!

It’s easy to lose your bearings with no landmarks!

Enjoyed the run and even in the misty murk parts of it were familiar from the Totley Moor race.  Will have a go sometime running it clockwise, so I’m ready for the race.  A couple of good hill workouts in this run.

Distance:  6.14 miles

Time:  1:16:25

Avg HR:  132bpm

Avg pace:  12:26 min/mile

Calories:  813

Elevation gain:  1260ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1279

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Saturday 27 May, 06:59

13C to 16C, warm, light breeze and some sun.  A 12 mile run from Fox House.  I used the same outbound route as recent weekends, along Froggatt and Curbar Edge, but changed the return by running across Big Moor, Flask Edge and Totley Moor.  

I’d taken a few rest days following the races on Sunday and Tuesday.  Good call, legs felt ok for this run. Planned to take it very easy, and with a new route I had no time expectations.  I walked bits here and there, drank 500ml water, had a gel at the start and two more at 5 and 8 miles.  Felt quite hot at times, but really enjoyed the scenery.  On top of Flask Edge and Totley Moor it is spectacular.  Right heel niggled me throughout, which is a surprise as I’d not had any trouble since the races.

sheep at Totley Moor

The return route was easier than I’d expected, not much steep climbing.  There were a couple of wet and boggy sections but overall a gentle route.  Managed to get stretches done, and drive halfway home before the first spots of the forecast rain arrived.

Distance:  12.34 miles

Time:  2:17:08

Avg HR:  142bpm

Avg pace:  11:06 min/mile

Calories:  1567

Elevation gain:  1200ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Totley Moor fell race, 23 May 2017

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19C, warm and breezy.  The 6.3 mile race set off at 19:30.  I knew it would be more hilly than Tigers Todger but wasn’t expecting the first 2 miles to be all uphill.  Felt ok, though legs were still feeling the effect of Sunday’s 16-miler.  Learning from the first race of this series, I placed myself about two-thirds back in the starting pen.  Crept past a few runners on the first mile, then as the gradient eased a little I took a couple more.  Across the top of the Moor was undulating and like running between the crags, then another winding and narrow climb before the first of several steep downhill sections.  

After 4 miles a downhill section really troubled me because my legs were spent.  Let a couple of runners get past on a narrow bit, and had to walk the steep uphills (like most of the runners around me at those points). Finally a long steep descent back to the sports ground.  I took one runner on the last road stretch and chased another runner around the field but didn’t pass them.  Finished shattered with empty legs but happy.  

Really pleased with my effort and found out later that I was 164th out of 269 runners.  Had a couple of drinks and went off to pick up the wife from a gig (in London!).  Legs didn’t stiffen up during the long drive, surprisingly, and just had a bit of a back niggle.  The following day I can tell my abdominal / waist /core has been tested and think it’s been a useful exercise.  Plan to train more on hills so I’m better prepared for future races and keep developing those muscle groups.

Another benefit of fell running seems to be that painful legs and burning lungs distract you from any foot niggles.  I didn’t notice any foot pain at all throughout the race, or after.

Distance:  6.3 miles (official); 6.52 miles Fitbit

Time:  1:06:04 (official);  1:06:08 Fitbit

Avg HR:  147bpm

Avg pace:  10:08 min/mile

Calories:  800

Elevation gain:  1361ft (official);  1525ft Fitbit

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

White Peak trail run – 21 May 2017

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Ran the White Peak trail run with my brother Jeff.  His first ever trail run, and only my second after doing the Tigers Todger fell face recently.  Arrived early at Ashbourne to get on street free car parking and have a look around.  Registered and picked up my dibber, everyone was really friendly.

Our start time was 09:30, so we took our time getting ready.  It was bright and sunny, around 10-12C, and expected to get warmer so slapped some sun cream on the old solar panel.  Mandatory kit was just a windproof jacket, and the usual phone/drink/food.  Setting off we were planning to do an easy pace.  But I tended to push on a bit, especially on the gentle inclines to move past a few other runners.  I was getting competitive again!

smiled for the photographer

I was enjoying the up- and down-hills and pushing on a bit, Jeff being less used to running on uneven terrain was a bit more cautious, understandably.  We walked up the really steep hill, zig-zagging up the hillside, incredible.  Then after the feed point there were long stretches of fairly flat and straight Tissington Trail. Jeff excelled here, getting into a rhythm and I hung on as my legs were getting fatigued.  The mix of flat trail and hills/descents meant Jeff and I complemented each other, it was really good.

Approaching the finish we entered the tunnel for a second time and it was surreal, after a few hours in the sunshine my eyes just did not adjust and it was eerie.  A runner was a few yards behind us, and we both picked up the pace.  By the last 50 yards of the tunnel I was sprinting flat out and before the finish line Jeff sprinted ahead of me.  We both got the exact same finish time, finishing joint 75th out of 172 runners.  Really pleased with that and got a silver certificate for the time.  A great introduction to trail running and can’t wait to do more.

Right heel was a bit sore afterwards, I stretched and foam rollered my calves and that has helped.  Foot soreness wasn’t an issue in the race, just slightly tender later and I’ll look after it with ice and rolling a golf ball.

Stats were messed up by the Fitbit GPS not starting straight away and then the tunnel. But here they are:

Distance:  16 miles (official); Fitbit 15.8 miles

Time:  2:37:54 (official); Fitbit 2:38:01

Avg HR:  148bpm

Avg pace:  10:00 min/mile

Calories:  1925

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1278

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Thursday 18 May, 06:33

A birthday run.  7C, cool and sunny.  An easy 4 miles on grass.  Once again, my legs got going after 3 miles.  Drank 300ml water.  Loved the conditions, though there was a chilly southerly breeze in parts of the lap.  Was surprised the pace/ time was good as I’d begun with the intention of taking it easy to leave something in my legs for the upcoming two races.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  37:56

Avg HR:  142bpm

Avg pace:  9:03 min/mile

Calories:  431

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1277

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Wednesday 17 May, 06:35

14C, warm, overcast.  A 4 mile run.  A downpour had just ended as I set off. Managed to avoid the next shower and needn’t have worn a jacket, got a bit warm.  Legs felt a bit heavy and only started to get going fully at the very end of the run.  Drank 500ml water.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  38:24

Avg HR:  145bpm

Avg pace:  9:10 minutes / mile

Calories:  453

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1276

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Tuesday 16 May, 06:21

15C, mild, breezy.  A 4 mile run.  Felt a bit tired from the long weekend run (and splash).  Drank 500ml water.  Only felt slight foot niggle at 3 miles, and nothing at all during the work trip to London following this run.

Distance:  4.15 miles

Time:  38:10

Avg Har:  147bpm

Avg pace:  9:11 minutes/mile

Calories:  464

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1275

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8C to 10C, cool, rain just clearing away to sunshine.  An 11 mile run along Froggatt and Curbar Edge, back to Fox House.  Didn’t feel especially strong, just ‘OK’.  A chill wind was blowing the rain clouds away, so needed Salomon jacket.  

In the second mile I descended a steep valley and went to cross a small stream.  I must have miscalculated the friction coefficient because my maths worked out at: wet trainers + damp rock = steve in stream + loud expletives echoing around the valley

Damage to my pride and shin as I ended up on my left side in the stream.  It happened in slow motion and I was really surprised the big flat rock was that slippy. Found out much later as I started the car and looked in the mirror that I’d also scraped my chin.

It might have been the adrenaline but I seemed to be able to keep going for longer through the next 9 miles, only walking here and there on the steepest bits.  Didn’t need to navigate with map at all, I know this route now.  

I’d had a gel as I set off and one at 9 miles (I’d forgotten to have it earlier). Drank 500ml water.  It felt like I was a bit fitter than last week, and hardly noticed right foot soreness at all, just at 4 miles and only very dull then.  The sun came out and wind was less chilling, started to warm up a bit too much on the return leg.

I knew I was going to be faster than last weekend but didn’t look at my watch till the finish.  In summary I knocked over 10 minutes off last weekend’s time, that’s a minute per mile quicker.  And I also of course knocked off a bit of skin off leg and face 🙂

Pleased to get round in a decent time (for me), feeling stronger, and avoided serious injury.

Distance:  10.95 miles

Time:  1:51:46

Avg HR:  143bpm

Avg pace:  10:12 minutes/mile

Calories:  1295

Elevation gain:  1241ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  2 squirrels, 1 hare/rabbit, 4 highland coo (scary)

training run #1274

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Friday 12 May, 07:22

8C, mild, overcast. An 8 mile run into work.  Thought I’d try doing the commute on foot.  Planned the route taking a bit of trail in.  It was hard work in parts, hilly.  Drank 500ml water.  Had to pause here and there to navigate, so I expect to be faster next time.  The odd spot of rain at halfway turned into light rain at the end.  Noticed foot niggle from about three miles, it went off then returned; on and off.

Distance:  7.86 miles

Time:  1:15:25

Avg HR:  141bpm

Avg pace:  9:36 min/mile

Calories:  877

Elevation gain:  820ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia