Day: May 3, 2017

Tiger’s Todger fell race

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Wednesday 3 May, 19:03

8C, cloudy and windy, but dry.  Tiger’s Todger is part of the race series by Totley AC, my first ever fell race.  I changed my top three times trying to decide what to wear.  Ended up in long sleeved NYC marathon top. No mandatory kit so didn’t bother carrying anything but a paper map in my pocket.  

I started near the back and seemed to be passing people on each section of the course.  Pushing up the hills was fine, felt strong.  Flying down the other side was great and I maybe took one or two chances as I made up a few more places.  In the last mile I was passed by one club runner who seemed fast on a downhill.  I could hear another runner a few steps behind and kept pushing to stay ahead.

Wasn’t entirely sure how many more turns there were when a steward said ‘only another 100 yards’. I’d thought there was maybe half a mile left, so skipped up the incline and blasted for the line.  Really pleased with my time, though obviously it’s not a winning time.  But this race gave me lots of confidence that I’m not that slow.  It helped this is a relatively short distance for me as I’m more usually a marathoner.  I also found a competitiveness in myself that I wasn’t expecting.  Looking forward to the next three races in the series, they seem to be more hilly and the last one will be a lot longer…

Distance:  5.47 miles

Time:  47:23

Avg HR:  149bpm

Avg pace:  8:39 min/mile

Calories:  588

Elevation gain:  810ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 flock of sheep running up and down a field as the runners went past