Day: May 7, 2017

training run #1271

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Sunday 7 May, 06:59

7C, cold, breezy.  An 11 mile trail run, along Froggatt and Curbar Edge like last Sunday but extending it a little at the far end.  The sheep scattered around the Longshaw Estate scattered a bit more as I ran through.  Along Curbar Edge I saw deer in the distance and managed a few pics.

They moved out of my way, not startled just cautious.

Further on at the far end of the route I came across a herd of highland cattle blocking my path. Decided that startling them would be a big mistake so walked slowly past and talked to them as I went past.  Kept away from the pointy end, though I’m sure there’s danger at both ends!

I did startle a big bird somewhere near where I saw the cows, probably a pheasant I think.

Turned into a stiff headwind on the highest bits of the return route.  Had a gel at 5 miles and drank 500ml water.  Sore foot wasn’t much trouble today, didn’t notice it a lot.  But afterwards right Achilles stiffened up a bit.  

Distance:  10.97 miles

Time:  2:02:25

Avg HR:  130bpm

Avg pace:  11:09 min/mile

Calories:  1272

Elevation gain:  1350ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  sheep, highland cattle, pheasant