Day: May 27, 2017

training run #1279

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Saturday 27 May, 06:59

13C to 16C, warm, light breeze and some sun.  A 12 mile run from Fox House.  I used the same outbound route as recent weekends, along Froggatt and Curbar Edge, but changed the return by running across Big Moor, Flask Edge and Totley Moor.  

I’d taken a few rest days following the races on Sunday and Tuesday.  Good call, legs felt ok for this run. Planned to take it very easy, and with a new route I had no time expectations.  I walked bits here and there, drank 500ml water, had a gel at the start and two more at 5 and 8 miles.  Felt quite hot at times, but really enjoyed the scenery.  On top of Flask Edge and Totley Moor it is spectacular.  Right heel niggled me throughout, which is a surprise as I’d not had any trouble since the races.

sheep at Totley Moor

The return route was easier than I’d expected, not much steep climbing.  There were a couple of wet and boggy sections but overall a gentle route.  Managed to get stretches done, and drive halfway home before the first spots of the forecast rain arrived.

Distance:  12.34 miles

Time:  2:17:08

Avg HR:  142bpm

Avg pace:  11:06 min/mile

Calories:  1567

Elevation gain:  1200ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia