Month: May 2017

training run #1276

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Tuesday 16 May, 06:21

15C, mild, breezy.  A 4 mile run.  Felt a bit tired from the long weekend run (and splash).  Drank 500ml water.  Only felt slight foot niggle at 3 miles, and nothing at all during the work trip to London following this run.

Distance:  4.15 miles

Time:  38:10

Avg Har:  147bpm

Avg pace:  9:11 minutes/mile

Calories:  464

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia


training run #1275

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8C to 10C, cool, rain just clearing away to sunshine.  An 11 mile run along Froggatt and Curbar Edge, back to Fox House.  Didn’t feel especially strong, just ‘OK’.  A chill wind was blowing the rain clouds away, so needed Salomon jacket.  

In the second mile I descended a steep valley and went to cross a small stream.  I must have miscalculated the friction coefficient because my maths worked out at: wet trainers + damp rock = steve in stream + loud expletives echoing around the valley

Damage to my pride and shin as I ended up on my left side in the stream.  It happened in slow motion and I was really surprised the big flat rock was that slippy. Found out much later as I started the car and looked in the mirror that I’d also scraped my chin.

It might have been the adrenaline but I seemed to be able to keep going for longer through the next 9 miles, only walking here and there on the steepest bits.  Didn’t need to navigate with map at all, I know this route now.  

I’d had a gel as I set off and one at 9 miles (I’d forgotten to have it earlier). Drank 500ml water.  It felt like I was a bit fitter than last week, and hardly noticed right foot soreness at all, just at 4 miles and only very dull then.  The sun came out and wind was less chilling, started to warm up a bit too much on the return leg.

I knew I was going to be faster than last weekend but didn’t look at my watch till the finish.  In summary I knocked over 10 minutes off last weekend’s time, that’s a minute per mile quicker.  And I also of course knocked off a bit of skin off leg and face 🙂

Pleased to get round in a decent time (for me), feeling stronger, and avoided serious injury.

Distance:  10.95 miles

Time:  1:51:46

Avg HR:  143bpm

Avg pace:  10:12 minutes/mile

Calories:  1295

Elevation gain:  1241ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  2 squirrels, 1 hare/rabbit, 4 highland coo (scary)

training run #1274

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Friday 12 May, 07:22

8C, mild, overcast. An 8 mile run into work.  Thought I’d try doing the commute on foot.  Planned the route taking a bit of trail in.  It was hard work in parts, hilly.  Drank 500ml water.  Had to pause here and there to navigate, so I expect to be faster next time.  The odd spot of rain at halfway turned into light rain at the end.  Noticed foot niggle from about three miles, it went off then returned; on and off.

Distance:  7.86 miles

Time:  1:15:25

Avg HR:  141bpm

Avg pace:  9:36 min/mile

Calories:  877

Elevation gain:  820ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

training run #1273

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Thursday 11 May, 06:30

6C, mild, sunny.  A 4 mile run mostly on grass.  I took the gel insoles out of the Brooks Cascadia trainers, and found they were ok.  My foot had a bit more room, compared to slightly cramped with the gel insoles.  Felt foot niggle slightly after 3 miles.  No reaction and no niggles later.  Drank 500ml water.

Distance:  4.05 miles

Time:  38:08

Avg HR:  140bpm

Avg pace:  9:24 min/mile

Calories:  439

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 rabbit

training run #1272

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Tuesday 9 May, 06:35

7C, cool, overcast. A 4 mile run.  I think my mileage has climbed a bit steeply recently, and so with the bit of Achilles stiffness and a reaction in left hamstring to the long run, I thought I’d keep it to one lap of RV today.  Ran on grass and wore Glycerin trainers without gel insole.  Enjoyed it.  Drank 400ml water.

Distance:  4.09 miles

Time:  38:25

Avg HR:  136bpm

Avg pace:  9:24 min/mile

Calories:  443

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  1 squirrel

training run #1271

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Sunday 7 May, 06:59

7C, cold, breezy.  An 11 mile trail run, along Froggatt and Curbar Edge like last Sunday but extending it a little at the far end.  The sheep scattered around the Longshaw Estate scattered a bit more as I ran through.  Along Curbar Edge I saw deer in the distance and managed a few pics.

They moved out of my way, not startled just cautious.

Further on at the far end of the route I came across a herd of highland cattle blocking my path. Decided that startling them would be a big mistake so walked slowly past and talked to them as I went past.  Kept away from the pointy end, though I’m sure there’s danger at both ends!

I did startle a big bird somewhere near where I saw the cows, probably a pheasant I think.

Turned into a stiff headwind on the highest bits of the return route.  Had a gel at 5 miles and drank 500ml water.  Sore foot wasn’t much trouble today, didn’t notice it a lot.  But afterwards right Achilles stiffened up a bit.  

Distance:  10.97 miles

Time:  2:02:25

Avg HR:  130bpm

Avg pace:  11:09 min/mile

Calories:  1272

Elevation gain:  1350ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  sheep, highland cattle, pheasant

training run #1270

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Friday 5 May, 06:18

6C, cool, windy, overcast.  A 7 mile run, two laps on grass.  Kept this easy paced after pushing myself in the race on Wednesday.  Only slight foot niggle on and off, and it felt ok afterwards.  It does seem to be fading day by day.  Drank 500ml water.

Distance:  6.89 miles

Time:  1:04:01

Avg HR:  142bpm

Avg pace:  9:17 min/mile

Calories:  748

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 squirrel, 1 rabbit