training run #1288

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Sunday 11 June, 07:02

13C, bright and breezy weather. A 6 mile run on the course of the Blackamoor fell race coming up soon. A bit of a recce, this time navigating it the right way round. Had a gel before starting. I’m getting to know sections now and walked the steepest uphill bits. Soggy underfoot after heavy rain the last few days.  Drank 300 ml water.  Wasn’t shattered at the end so will probably go a bit quicker in the race, competing with those around me.  Nice testing course though.

Looking back towards Totley and Sheffield

Elevation graph from Strava – it felt every bit as steep as this chart looks!

Distance:  5.86 miles

Time:  1:09:34

Avg pace:  11:36 min/mile

Calories:  693

Elevation gain:  1228ft (Tom Tom)

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin


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