Day: June 20, 2017

Blacka Moor fell race 20 June 2017

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16C, mild and breezy, a bit misty on the tops.  The race began at 19:30.  I placed myself about 60% of the way back in the start chute.  

Blacka Moor sign (took this pic on recce run, not today!)

I’d done a recce run on 11 June.  It was really useful to know what was coming up, where the steepest parts are, the roughest terrain and steepest downhills.  Used that knowledge well and I remember on a steep uphill I was striding up equally as fast as two guys in front of me shuffling uphill at a jog.  Seemed to stay in roughly the same group, similar pace.  

Tired on the biggest, longest downhill, but still passed a couple.  Overall I felt I’d made good progress fitness-wise, having only started running off-road on 19 April.  Previously I’d have never managed to keep going on the uphills.
The posted race results showed 56:11 for 112th place. I was 15th in my age category and there was a total of 173 runners overall. Chuffed with that.  When I did the recce of the route my time was 1:09:34!! It shows I pushed hard today.

I’m getting hooked on trail and fell racing…..not to the detriment of doing road races/marathons though.

Distance:  5.91 miles

Time:  56:11 official, 56:10 TomTom

Avg pace:  9:28 min/mile

Calories:  690

Elevation gain:  1209ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia