training run #1295

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Monday 26 June, 07:40

12C, warm, sunny.  A 7 mile run, doing a recce of the first part of the Dig Deep 12.12 race route.  Felt OK but planned to take it steady and figure out where the route went.  Felt heel niggle afterwards, more than during the run.  Drank 500ml water and had 1 gel.  

Lovely view from Houndskirk Road, just before heading into the plantation

My notes of the course:

– still uphill section out from the farm, rough track

– levels out and goes around a playing field, then down towards a road

– grass on near side of road, grit path on other side, couple of hundred yards

– turn left over a stile, alongside a field of crops, gets denser and denser underfoot until walking

– seemed to be 3-4 stiles around here, runners will get bunched up, time for a breather

– down some very steep dirt steps, then turn right along forest trail; undulating, not very difficult

– out from the forest track, along a field to a stile

– short stretch of road uphill, onto Houndskirk Road. Just before the top turn into the plantation (second left)

– a short distance in turn right and follow flat and straight rough forest track, then left, gradual uphill climbing, bear right, keep going up, then another stile, left turn out of the plantation onto a dirt track.

– a downhill section, some rocks and rubble, brings you to Houndskirk Road again.

– I turned left to return along parts of the route back to the farm.  The race route turns right – will try that part next time.  Return was mostly downhill apart from a short steep climb up to the farm at the very end.

Today’s route, the first part of the Dig Deep 12.12 race route

My overall impression is the route is runnable but there are a couple of steeper uphill bits and half a dozen stiles to get over. Mix of surfaces but mostly forest trail, not muddy today.  Some parts had roots and a few rocks, but not particularly technical.

Distance:  6.87 miles

Time:  1:13:42

Avg pace:  10:21 min/mile

Calories:  806

Elevation gain: 1000ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 herd of cows on the return


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