training run #1296

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Tuesday 27 June, 07:41

11C, cool, drizzly, overcast.  A 7 mile run to recce the second part of the Dig Deep 12.12 race route.  Wore Salomon jacket but the drizzle never turned into proper rain.  Got lost/stuck at one point, trying to find the right way down from Carl Wark.  Realised looking back from across the valley the race organisers would not expect runners to risk life and limb using the route I took, would use a path just before the outcrop.  My notes on this part of the route:

– Houndskirk Road is wide but very stony, first mile mostly uphill, not steep

– next half mile of Houndskirk is flattish, then right turn through a gate, across the moor towards Burbage Edge.

– a bit of gentle technical uphill, rocky, before a longer downhill, stony at first then grass

– turn right and follow a good flat path for 1.2 miles to Ringinglow Road, mostly a gentle climb until the very end

– not sure if the race will take us on the road (where I’ve run before, just 50 yards connecting trail paths) or across two streams – did the streams today and the rocks were fine today as not wet.  Dangerous if wet.

– initially uphill and technical over a craggy outcrop, then quarter of a mile flat easy section towards Higger Tor. (Pic)

View with Higger Tor to the right, Carl Wark in the centre distance

– tricky going down the other side of Higger Tor

– don’t need to go onto Carl Wark (like I did) because there isn’t a safe exit on the other side! I wasted lots of time today at Carl Wark.  Turn left on the approach, just before it (I’ll try this next time).

– cross the valley, turn left and in a short distance on your right see the path you came down that will take you back up and over Burbage Edge, then back along Houndkirk Road.

Overall, this seemed like to have some runnable sections, along Houndkirk Road and along the Burbage Edge path, and up to Higger Tor.  There’s also a few sections over Burbage Edge and getting up/down from Higger Tor that’ll slow me down. Most of the climbing is gradual rather than impossibly steep.  Next step is to run the whole route in one go.

Today’s route, the second part of Dig Deep 12.12 race route

Distance:  7.36 miles

Time:  1:30:21 (including all the wandering around Carl Wark)

Avg pace:  11:42 min/mile

Calories:  910

Elevation gain:  910 ft (TomTom) 1178 ft (ViewRanger app)

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia


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