training run #1297

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Wednesday 28 June, 06:59

11C, cold, wet – I mean, really wet, Biblical even.  A 12.84 mile run following the route of the Dig Deep 12.12 race route.  Had a protein bar driving over, 2 gels and 500ml water during the run.  This was a real test of my Salomon jacket.  Wore the hood to keep heat in (I’ve got no hair to keep dry).  Feet were soaked within the first 2 miles.  

Today I couldn’t find the optimum route down off Higger Tor, but my alternative was OK and I only lost a few minutes.  I wasn’t pushing on at race pace anyway, just had the mindset to follow the route and avoid injury.  

The return over Burbage Edge and along Houndkirk Road I had a strong, cold wind in my face, driving rain, and I had to remind myself it was late June.  I couldn’t feel the tips of my fingers.  It was mostly downhill along Houndkirk and Limb Valley, so the last 3-4 miles was OK on tired legs.  A good test, and later I realised my legs are fine, in spite of running 7 miles Mon and Tues I had plenty left.

I wore my Brooks in spite of the wet weather.  Considered the Inov-8 Claw 275 for grip, but there are miles of rocky paths and wanted the rock plate.  The muddy bits are shorter.  And I’ve not broken in the Inov-8 shoes yet.  

However, I could have done with wellies as I returned to the Limb Valley.  What had been 2 cows hanging around on the way out had turned into a herd of a dozen or more, all standing very deliberately on the path/route.  I rounded them, giving them space. They all turned to watch as I stepped off the path into long grass that covered a swamp.  I was calves deep in mud, then noticed the last cow was a different colour, and I suspected she could be a he.  Back on the path and got moving sharpish.

No photos today as my phone got so wet and my fingers so cold I tried but was incapable of unlocking it.  Would not have shown much except low cloud anyway.

Distance:  12.84 miles

Time:  2:27:18

Avg pace:  11:07 min/mile

Calories:  1532

Elevation gain:  1733ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  2 rabbits and 1 herd of cows!

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