Month: July 2017

training run #1318

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Sunday 30 July, 07:18

12C, bright and sunny. A 14.6 mile long slow run. Training plan called for 12 miles, but thought I'd see how I feel towards the end and possibly tag a bit extra on. Stunning weather, a bit chilly in T-shirt and shorts but not too bad. There was cloud down below in Hope Valley, the brisk breeze lifting it up and over the crags.

Had a quinoa bar on the drive over for breakfast. During the run I had a Bounce Energy Ball Peanut Protein Blast at 4 miles and another at 9 miles, with 500ml water. Tried the power balls as a fuelling alternative to gels. They were substantial, felt ok on the stomach, and I didn't have a drop in energy.

Followed the same 12 mile route from Fox House that I've done before. Out via Longshaw, Froggatt Edge and Curbar Edge, returning via Big Moor and Flask. Then I added a bit along the top of Blacka Moor to Piper's Gate. I found an alternative, more direct Exterminator route across Houndkirk to Burbage Edge, down over the edge to the trail path below. Returned across the heather to Fox House. Tired towards the end and right heel niggle only became tight with a lot of walking in the last mile over Houndkirk and Burbage.

Distance: 14.6 miles
Time: 2:54:59
Avg pace: 11:33 min/mile
Calories: 1726
Elevation gain: 1465ft
Trainers: Brooks Cascadia

weigh-in 29 July 2017

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10st 11lb / 68.6kg

Lost 2 pounds since last weigh-in in June. Not all about weight though, definitely got abs and core activating more and feel more agile when running. Have cut out snacking on sweets and rarely have sugar in tea/coffee nowadays.

training run #1317

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Friday 28 July, 05:41

14C, bright and breezy, cool.  Sneaked in an extra-early 4 mile run before heading to Leeds for meetings.  The training plan called for an easy pace recovery run, so kept it steady.  Drank 300ml water.  Straightforward, but notable for the rabbits at every turn…

Distance:  4.17 miles

Time:  38:25

Avg pace:  9:13 min/Mile

Calories:  508

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  2 squirrels, 34 rabbits!!!

training run #1316

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Thursday 27 July, 07:31

14C, bright and breezy, cool.  An 8 mile run-commute.  Marathon schedule called for a 6 mile moderate effort run, so this was just a bit further.

I enjoyed pushing on a bit and tried to focus on using glutes, especially on the uphills.  Felt like I had plenty of energy, bounce, and my running form seemed better too.  Drank 500ml water.  Knocked almost 2 mins off PB.

Distance:  7.64 miles

Time:  1:07:16

Avg pace:  8:47 min/mile

Calories:  906

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1315

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Wednesday 26 July, 06:20

14C, bright and breezy.  A 7 mile run including intervals.  I felt OK and had preprogrammed TomTom watch with the session structure.

It was:

  • 2 mile warm up
  • 6x half mile at 85% effort (or more)
  • 0.2 mile jog to recover in between
  • about 0.9 mile run home cooldown

Enjoyed it, felt it was a decent workout. Surprised at the decent time (for me) as I definitely slow-jogged the recovery bits.  Drank 500ml water.

Distance:  7.11 miles

Time:  1:00:30

Avg pace:  8:30 min/mile

Calories:  843

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  21 rabbits!!!

training run #1314

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Tuesday 25 July, 07:16

13C, mild and breezy, bright.  An 8 mile run commute.  Marathon training plan called for a 5 mile recovery run…

Tried to run easy pace, but see that the finish time is comparable to my other run-commutes when I was pushing a bit.

Drank 500ml water.  Had a quinoa bar at home.

Distance:  7.69 miles

Time:  1:09:17

Avg pace:  9:00 min/mile

Calories:  874

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1313

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Sunday 23 July, 06:16

11C, bright and cool with full sun later on. A 16 mile run on the Exterminator route again. To try out a few alternative paths. Marathon schedule called for an easy 10 mile long run, but want to maintain where I'm at now. Judged clothing right with just t-shirt and shorts.

I could not find the alternative trail to checkpoint 1 on the way up, found and tried it on the way down/to checkpoint 2 but it was slow going through heather etc.

Followed the same route as before across Houndkirk Moor, and over Burbage Edge, but slipped and fell just before the bridge. Knocked right knee on a rock. Drew blood and plenty of expletives, but no real damage.

Had difficulty finding my way up onto Stanage Edge, tried 2-3 places and struggled. Seemed to find it easy previously. Going down from Stanage I headed through the ferns but they were shoulder high and I could not find a consistent path, plenty of hidden rocks and I paddled in a small stream. Need to find/pick a clearer path or head to the right. Lost a lot of time here.

After Grindleford I climbed alongside the stream and again got lost in the heather and ferns at the top. Headed left and found the trail, and also a few other runners taking part in a race. Need to trace that back to Haywood for next time.

Had a gel at home, one at 6 miles, then got fuzzy head and hungry about 10-11 miles. Dipped in my backpack for some Trek Cocoa Peanut Peak Protein Energy Chunks; they were great. Had another gel at 13 miles and drank 500ml water.

Today seemed slow, I would push harder in the race. Finished nearly 2 minutes quicker than first recce/trial run. Didn't seem as tired at the end, in spite of the very heavy going following lots of rain.

Wore calf compression socks, to see if they helped with all the climbing. They seemed to, and had the added benefit of giving protection from some foliage/nettles/brambles. The Inov-8 shoes performed well on the very soggy ground. Not so good on rocks though.

Distance: 16.49 miles
Time: 3:55:58
Avg pace: 13:24 min/mile
Calories: 1950
Elevation gain: 3379ft
Trainers: Inov-8 X-claw 275
Wildlife: lots! Plenty of sheep and cows en route; chickens and geese; a squirrel and a large pig!