Day: July 1, 2017

training run #1299

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Saturday 1 July, 07:02.  

11C, bright sunshine to begin with.  Around 15C later with low cloud and drizzle at the very end.  An early start for this 11.6 mile recce of parts of the Exterminator race route.  Figured out a route starting at Fox House and quickly joining the race route on Houndskirk, then through checkpoints 3 to 8, returning along Longsaw Estate to the car.

cracking view of Carl Wark

I’d not ventured onto Stanage Edge in my short trail running career. Spectacular is the word, loved it.

Stanage Edge, stretching out into the distance, stunning

I ran along to where CP4 will be, then turned and returned to a safe-ish path down. Not sure I followed the optimum, or expected, route, as arriving at Hathersage I was on the wrong side of the church (CP5) for the checkpoint.  That meant I also took a different route – by road – towards CP6.  Need to revisit this part of the race route and try alternatives.

As expected, lots of climbing and descending, and lots of wandering back and forth to find my route.  I depended on the route I’d downloaded to my TomTom watch, which is just as well as my phone wasn’t getting a signal first time I tried to check the route. The TomTom worked OK.

navigating on Tom Tom Runner 3

Tired towards the end, of course. But enjoyed it and it was great to learn new paths and bits of the area I’d not previously explored.  Had 2 gels and 500ml water (could have drunk more).

Right heel stiffened on the drive home, then eased off OK.  Noticed right foot niggle particularly later in the race.

On another run I need to check routes from the start to CP1 and CP2, and also the section CP8 to CP9 and through to the finish.  Shoud be a bit familiar from the other Totley races I’ve done.  Overall there are 9 CPs to navigate round, 16 miles for the race in September.

Distance:  11.65 miles

Time:  2:45:08 (TomTom reported I was ‘stood still’ for 15:32 of this time, I think its exaggerating my navigating!)

Avg pace:  12:50 min/mile

Calories:  1400

Elevation Gain:  2143ft (will be another 2000ft for the parts I didn’t do today!)

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia