training run #1300

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Monday 3 July, 07:21

12C to 14C, breezy and overcast.  An 8.5 mile run taking in parts of the Exterminator route again.  Started at Fox House and went round CP 3 to CP6, to find the optimum route off Stanage Edge and down to Hathersage, then followed a better route up to Mitchell Field.  

Succeeded, I found the intended route off Stanage and the rest to CP6, then struggled to actually find the path to return to my car!  Ended up stomping across a moor wondering where the path showing on the map had gone to.  So I’d done the hard bit and failed on the return. 

Drank 500ml water and had 2 gels (no breakfast).  Tired on the uphills and walked a lot of the steeper bits.  Expect I can go faster in race conditions, but I consider the recce a success because i found the intended turns and paths.

Distance:  8.53 miles

Time:  2:05:31

Avg pace:  13:45 min/mile (so, lots of walking…)

Calories:  1011

Elevation gain:  1619ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia


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