training run #1301

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Tuesday 4 July, 06:52

12C, overcast, light drizzle.  An 8.5 mile run exploring the first part of the Exterminator route.

Found the run up to Totley Trig (CP1) OK, didn’t walk as much as I’d expected, seemed to handle the hills well.  From there I diverted from my planned route, turning left at Moss Road instead of right, just to try it out.  This area seems familiar from the couple of fell races I’ve done here.  Not sure this is a better route to CP2 (Stepping Stones), and the website sort of indicates they’re expecting runners to go right on Moss Way and through a new gate.

After CP2 I managed to take the wrong fork and backtracked to climb up the correct path through Blacka Woods.  From there the race goes across the road to Houndkirk Moor, but I tracked round to Totley Moor to do another pass of CP1, which becomes CP9 towards the end of the race.  A track showing on the map was nothing but thick heather/foliage, so will need to see how it looks from the other side approaching the trig point (that’s another run route planned for another day).

From there it’s all downhill, and I came across a big flock of sheep on the steep descent through to horse’s field and back to the car.  All in all a good recce, learned a few things (which is the main purpose) and plenty of climbing and descending to build fitness. 

Drank 500ml water and had one gel.

Distance:  8.47 miles

Time:  1:47:09

Avg pace:  11:58 min/mile

calories:  1016

Elevation gain:  1422ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia


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