training run #1302

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Wednesday 5 July, 07:03.

13C, mild, overcast.  An 8 mile run, checking out the latter part of the Exterminator race route from CP7 to CP9.

Ran from Fox House to CP7, then an easy run downhill to CP8 at Grindleford.  From there it’s a steep climb up a wooded hillside.  Near the top, where the stream wanders right I went round and round checking the best way onto the moor.  Found it, then got lost striding across the heather and foliage and wondering where the path went.  Should have veered left towards a house/farm, but will know that for next time.  

view from White Edge, showing the bit of moor where I lost the path

The run over Flask was straightforward, done it before on my 12 mile runs.  Easily found CP9 (Totley Trig) and checked out the best approach.  Then headed off on a familiar route to my car at Fox House.  Had 2 gels and 500ml water.  Overall, not a testing run, though I’ve done three runs in three days and all with some climbing.  Think I just about know the route to take for the race in September, next step is to run it all – maybe at the weekend.
Distance:  7.74 miles

Time:  1:46:56 (LOTS of wandering around slowly and figuring where to go)

Avg pace:  12:25 min/mile

Calories:  926

Elevation gain:  1031ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia


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