training run #1304

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Sunday 9 July, 07:06

15C, bright, sunny.  A 5 mile run from Fox House past Higger Tor and back along Burbage Edge.  I was checking out a possible route skirting around Higger Tor, instead of going right over it for a future race.  The trail I followed petered out in the heather and foliage, so it may be just as quick going over as trying to follow a much flatter but wider route around.

Drank 500ml water.  Turning back at Ringinglow Road the return was easy and mostly downhill along a good path, so a much a faster pace than I’ve been doing of late.

I’ve enjoyed this past two weeks on leave, having the time to do lots of trail and hill running in the Peak District.  Back to work tomorrow, so I will be using Rother Valley and run-commuting again as the marathon training schedule gets near.

Distance:  4.87 miles

Time:  52:42

Avg pace:  10:38 min/mile

Calories:  587

Elevation gain:  549ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia


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