Day: July 14, 2017

training run #1307

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Friday 14 July, 07:16

14C, warm, overcast.  An 8 mile run-commute.  Felt a bit so-so, not strong, but packed a full backpack and set off.  Around halfway my legs came to life and I had a bit of bounce, around the same time light drizzle turned into a proper shower and soaked me.  It was nice though, cooling. 

Had a gel before starting and 400ml water during the run.  Felt fine at the finish and was a little quicker than yesterday, but not a pb.  Noticed right foot niggle on and off later in the run.

Distance:  7.66 miles

Time:  1:11:09

Avg HR:  141bpm

Avg pace:  9:17 min/mile

Calories:  800

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia