Day: July 21, 2017

training run #1312

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Friday 21 July, 07:27

16C, bright, some sun, very light drizzle.  An 8 mile run commute.  The training plan showed a rest day, but since I’m pushing the long run to Sunday, and I didn’t do Monday’s run, I did this planning to run a very easy pace.  Had a very full backpack today.

Drank 350ml water, had a gel at home and another halfway.  Definitely eased off compared to yesterday but was only 1 minute slower.  Felt fit and the uphills were good.

Distance:  7.63 miles

Time:  1:09:56

Avg pace:  9:05 min/mile

Calories:  913

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 squirrel