Day: July 30, 2017

training run #1318

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Sunday 30 July, 07:18

12C, bright and sunny. A 14.6 mile long slow run. Training plan called for 12 miles, but thought I'd see how I feel towards the end and possibly tag a bit extra on. Stunning weather, a bit chilly in T-shirt and shorts but not too bad. There was cloud down below in Hope Valley, the brisk breeze lifting it up and over the crags.

Had a quinoa bar on the drive over for breakfast. During the run I had a Bounce Energy Ball Peanut Protein Blast at 4 miles and another at 9 miles, with 500ml water. Tried the power balls as a fuelling alternative to gels. They were substantial, felt ok on the stomach, and I didn't have a drop in energy.

Followed the same 12 mile route from Fox House that I've done before. Out via Longshaw, Froggatt Edge and Curbar Edge, returning via Big Moor and Flask. Then I added a bit along the top of Blacka Moor to Piper's Gate. I found an alternative, more direct Exterminator route across Houndkirk to Burbage Edge, down over the edge to the trail path below. Returned across the heather to Fox House. Tired towards the end and right heel niggle only became tight with a lot of walking in the last mile over Houndkirk and Burbage.

Distance: 14.6 miles
Time: 2:54:59
Avg pace: 11:33 min/mile
Calories: 1726
Elevation gain: 1465ft
Trainers: Brooks Cascadia