Month: August 2017

training run #1336

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Wednesday 30 August, 07:34

12C, cool, overcast with drizzle turning to very light rain.  An 8 mile run-commute into work.  

Didn’t feel on top form, and planned to keep it very easy pace.  Had porridge for breakfast at home, waited an hour, then set off.

No dramas, bit of a heel niggle. Drank 250ml water.

Distance:  7.77 miles

Time:  1:12:59

Avg pace:  9:22 min/mile

Calories:  896

Ascent:  589ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1335

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Tuesday 29 August, 16:23

17C, mild, overcast, breezy. An 8 mile run commute home. With The Exterminator race coming up on Sunday I’m going to take care not to tire the legs too much this week. Not taper as such, but no speed work and easy pace as default.

Straightforward run home and then went off to run around Rother Valley with Emma.

Distance:  7.74 miles

Time:  1:10:27

Avg pace:  9:03 min/mile

Calories:  887

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1334

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11C-15C, sunny, cool > mild.  A 12 mile long run.  Training plan called for a 10 mile long slow run, but did 12 miles on Trans Pennine Trail to Staveley and back instead, to keep my weekly miles target on track. This looks like a lower mileage recovery week on the plan. 

Had a protein bar at home, then drank 350ml water and had a peanut power ball on the run.  The trail was mostly flat, just long gradual inclines and the odd short sharp blip in the profile.

As I approached 6 miles and the turnaround point I saw a heron at the water’s edge.

a heron at Staveley, looking out at the glassy still water

After weeks of hilly trail running in prep for races in Derbyshire, this was good practice for the Indy marathon being flat and with repetetive leg movements.  Finished feeling OK, not too tired, and did a few stretches and strength exercises for half an hour in the back garden.

It was lovely sunny conditions but quite cold on the way out. I’ll be seeing more of the TPT over the coming weeks as I run longer and get as far as the 10 mile turnaround point at Chesterfield.  There were lots of paths leading off and I look forward to trying out some of these trails ‘on my doorstep’.

the Trans Pennine Trail (67) – lovely in the morning sunshine

Pleased with the average pace, I didn’t check my watch at all and just ran easy.  I’d lost track of what my long, flat pace would be because of all the hills I’ve done. 

Distance:  11.96 miles

Time:  1:44:01

Avg pace:  8:40 min/mile

Calories:  1355

Ascent:  517ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 heron, 1 fox, 1 rabbit


training run #1333

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Friday 25 August, 16:27

21C, warm, humid, high cloud. An 8 mile run-commute at ‘moderate pace’. I’m not a fan of the heat so didn’t press on a lot, just made decent progress.  Drank 500ml water.  Doing fine on the hills.

The past 3 days I’ve turned my work desk into a standing desk, spent a lot of time on my feet. This hasn’t had any negative effect on my running yet.  If I keep it up might ask work about a proper raised desk rather than using toner boxes to raise my monitor and laptop!

Also, done a few runs to get Emma training for her 5k in Indy. So jogging slowly, beginners schedule.  Makes for a good cooldown.

Distance:  7.68 miles

Time:  1:09:37

Avg pace:  9:00 min/mile

Calories:  875

Ascent:  542ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1332

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Wednesday 23 August, 17:20

20C, hot and sunny. An 8 mile run-commute including intervals.  The plan called for 6x 0.5 mile at half marathon pace, with 0.2 mile recovery jog.  Enjoyed the variety. Drank 500ml water.

Distance:  7.72 miles

Time:  1:09:10

Avg pace:  8:56 min / mile

Calories:  884

Ascent:  549ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1331

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Tuesday 22 August, 17:22

22C, warm and humid. overcast.  An 8 mile run-commute.  Legs were still feeling the effect of the weekend race so did an easy paced run home.  Backpack was heavier than usual.  Drank 500ml water.  Kept going fine, sweated buckets and no probems.

Distance:  7.65 miles

Time:  1:12:07

Avg pace:  9:20 min / mile

Calories:  891

Ascent:  555ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Dig Deep 12.12 trail race

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20 August 2017, 10:00

14C to 16C (felt hotter), sunny, breezy, ideal for running.

I’d had a breakfast at 6am and a coffee in the registration area.  Lined up in the starting area to listen to the marshall’s instructions.  A big laugh went around when he said everyone but one female  had managed to successfully put their dibber on their wrists; the odd one out had managed to put it on her ankle, probably thinking there would be timing mats.

I tried to place myself behind the clutch of serious runners on the line, maybe 30-40% way back in total.  The route seemed familiar from my recce many weeks earlier.  I ended up keeping pace with most around me.

I felt good on the first long uphill.  Slipped and slid heading down muddy steps into Limb Valley, laughing.  Told another runner in Lady Canning’s Plantation that I thought I’d set off too fast, expected to blow up later.

in Lady Canning’s Plantation

Along Houndkirk Road was the first bit I walked, on one of the uphills.  (Lots of others had been walking well before that point).  There were only two other walking spots for me, the steepest bit of the climb up Higger Tor and part of the climb back over Burbage.  Pleased to just keep going the rest of the route.  

My local knowledge helped me overtake a bunch of slower runners on a downhill (Burbage), darting to the right and throwing myself down a hill while they tip-toed down a rockier track.

Turned right ankle two times, not badly, and scraped my knee slightly climbing down Higger.  Drank 200ml water I carried and two tiny plastic cups at the water points.  Didn’t need any food.

returning along Houndkirk Road

My tired legs seemed to get stength back later on. Mentally I was trying to keep runners behind me and keep pace with the one in front.  Chased down a runner returning through Limb Valley, then passed two more, all in the last half mile.  The climb back to Whirlow Hall Farm I was pushing on and feeling great, then along a field and up the last 200m to the finish. Brilliant, felt so good, and then I saw the time…!

Right achilles was sore afterwards, and can feel some DOMS in my quads today (Mon) writing this. Otherwise, I was good enough to go jogging with Emma Sunday pm.

Distance:  11.97 miles (TT) (official – 12.12)

Time:  1:53:57 (TT) (official – 1:55:18, don’t understand the difference)

Avg pace:  9:28 min / mile

Calories:  1344

Ascent:  1633ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

I’d definitely recommend this race to anyone.  Great organisation, good variety of countryside and great fun.

after the finish, still no idea how well I’d done, but pleased and content

Really pleased to see that I’d come 28th overall out of 136, and I was 5th in my age group.  That’s really encouraging, spurs me on to train well and keep enjoying trail running. 

training run #1330

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Thursday 17 August, 16:28

21C, sunny, hot.  An 8 mile run commute home.  Blazing hot but after Manor Lane I got some shade on and off until I get to Beighton. One of the benefits of running on cycle/trail route.

Legs felt great, right foot a bit niggly.  Feels like I’m getting better form too.  Will skip the Friday run so I feel fresher for the race on Sunday.

Got home early so I can meet Emma at Rother Valley and do a training run with her, restarting the beginners’ schedule to get her fit for a 5k.

Distance:  7.74 miles

Time:  1:08:12

Avg pace:  8:44 min/mile

Calories:  871

Ascent:  556ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  1 squirrel   

training run #1329

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Tuesday 15 August, 17:27

20C, hot, sunny.  An 8 mile run-commute home including speedwork.  The plan called for ‘gears’: warm-up, 75-80% effort marathon pace for couple of miles, then 80-85% half marathon pace, then 1 mile at 90% effort 10k pace, then cool-down.

It was hard to judge effort in 5% increments while running up- and down-hill.  but gave it a go and definitely found top gear for the 1 mile.  Legs knew they’d worked hard as I climbed the hill home during cool-down.

Drank 500ml water, sweated buckets. Enjoyed it.

Distance:  7.73 miles

Time:  1:08:19

Avg pace:  8:47 min/mile

Calories:  869

Ascent:  562ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1328

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Monday 14 August, 17:17

19C, warm, blustery, overcast.  An 8 mile run-commute home.  Felt good and tried to run easy pace.  Enjoyed the uphills.  Drank 400ml water.

Distance:  7.7 miles

Time:  1:08:35

Avg pace:  8:52 min/mile

Calories:  873

Ascent:  550ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  2 squirrels