Day: August 6, 2017

training run #1322

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Sunday 6 August, 06:54

11-16C, sunny and breezy.  I had another go at the Exterminator Race route, armed with a better route from CP8 to CP9.  Didn’t feel that strong or well prepared so took it steady.  It turned out to be eventful.

Had a power ball on the run down to CP2.  Nice.  It seemed a long climb to Piper’s Gate, but made it fine over Houndkirk and Burbage Edge.  Rather than head through the ferns to the stone bridge I ran the short distance along the Burbage path and down the rough path.  Found a better way up onto Higger Tor, turning right earlier than I’ve done before.

On Stanage Edge saw a couple of paragliders enjoying the thermals, and a few climbers getting their ropes and gear sorted.  Heading over the edge, I went slightly left, then made 10-12 steps right and landed on a good, mostly cleared route down to the road through the ferns.  Best effort yet.

The downhill run to Hathersage was surprisingly tiring for my legs.  Lots of walking up through Mitchell Field.  Went over on my ankle between CP6 and CP7, and had another power ball. 

After Padley Gorge pump house I started the alternative (better) route.  I was stunned to be approached by a Jap tourist, asking me if this was the right way to Padley Chapel, or something.  Then just missed my turn to the bridge, went back 15 yards.  From there it was straightforward up to the road and white gate.  To cross Longshaw I’d drawn a straight line on my route planner and put it in my TomTom watch.  This took me across marshy ground, heavy going and slow.  I could see the stone steps in the distance, and headed for them.  There was a better grass path to my right, I realised as I got to the steps.  I need to figure out the proper route from white gate to stone steps, should not be hard.

Had another power ball on Moss Road and my legs felt OK running to CP9 and down the hill to the finish.  Knocked 13 minutes off my second trial run, this was a better route but I still walked lots.  In a race I would push myself more and take a few risks, so hope to run even faster.

I had Fitbit on left wrist but also wore TomTom on right wrist because I had the route plotted CP7 to CP8. So, plenty of stats, interesting to see the differences:

Distance:  FB 16.71 miles; TT 16.62 miles

Time:  FB & TT:  3:42:55

Avg HR:  FB 130bpm

Avg pace:  FB 13:20 min/mile; TT 12:53 min/mile – TT adjusts taking static time off

Calories:  FB 2243; TT 1951

Elevation gain:  TT 3125ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia