Month: September 2017

training run #1356

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Friday 29 September, 07:45

15C, low cloud, rain, mild.  A 6 mile run from Fox House.  Training plan called for a 6 mile moderate effort run, and instead of RV I decided to keep my trail fitness and do it in the Peak District.  From Fox House I ran along Burbage Edge, then along to Higger Tor and Mother Cap, crossing the road and returning along Burbage Brook.

It was raining as I got out of the car. Had a chewy gel and set off.  The route along Burbage Edge was familiar, very boggy underfoot.  Had a few bites of Chia Charge flapjack along the way, lovely.  

View from Burbage Edge looking across at where Higger Tor should be

The rain eased off heading towards Higger Tor, then I seemed to get slightly lost but was heading in the right direction, just not a brilliant path to follow.  

After Mother Cap and for the last mile the rain returned and was heavy, but it didn’t dampen my enjoyment.  Drank 150ml water.  

Stats are irrelevant today, put in effort on the climbs and throughout but paused for photos and for phone maps / GPS.

Distance:  6.07 miles

Time:  1:20:35

Avg pace:  12:42 min/mile

Calories:  703

Ascent:  803ft

Trainers:  Inov8 x-claw 275

training run #1355

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Wednesday 27 September, 06:53

13C, overcast and cool.  The training plan called for an easy pace ‘recovery’ 5 mile run.  I tried to run easy but probably did a bit too much.  Enjoyed the new trainers, feel good.

Distance:  5.07 miles

Time:  43:33

Avg pace:  8:35 min/mile

Calories:  580

Trainers:  Brooks Ghost 10

Wildlife:  1 squirrel, 2 rabbits

New trainers

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Got a pair of Brooks Ghost 10s to replace my Brooks Glycerin that are reaching the end.

Brooks Ghost 10

I tried on some ASICS Gel Cumulus but the Ghost fit slightly better.  Have had Ghost before and they feel great. Probably use these for the Indy Marathon.

training run #1354

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Tuesday 26 September, 08:05

13C, overcast, cool.  An 8 mile run including intervals.  Did a warm up, then 1 mile at 90% with quarter mile recovery jog, followed by 8x quarter mile at 90% and 0.1 mile recovery, then cool down to home.  Loved it.  Wore TomTom watch so didn’t have heart rate data, but ran hard and the following pace graph shows the sprints nicely.

Today’s pace chart showing mile effort followed by 8x quarter mile sprints

It was cool in just a t-shirt, but enjoyed it.  Pleased with the mile sprint at 7:17 min/mile.  The heel niggle had eased before I started sprinting.  Left hip/quad niggle was less noticeable today.  Felt strong throughout, a very positive workout.

Distance:  7.99 miles

Time:  1:07:02

Avg pace:  8:22 min/mile

Calories:  902

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  2 squirrels

training run #1353

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Monday 25 September, 07:09

13C, rainy and overcast.  The plan called for an easy 8 mile run.  Ran at Rother Valley.  Right heel niggled from the start, but by the second lap I was running easier and a very comfortable rhythm.  Didn’t mind the rain.

Distance:  8 miles

Time:  1:09:57

Avg pace:  8:44 min/mile

Calories:  921

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:   2 bold squirrels

Global Energy race, Rother Valley Country Park

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Sunday 24 September, 10:30

14C, rising to warm and sunny! Planned this race to give my daughter Emma some experience of a race before heading to Indianapolis where she will run a 5k there in November. We’re progressing through the beginners schedule and this 3k race was intended to give her some idea of race environment on ‘home’ turf, and hopefully build her confidence at this running thing too!

That’s a ‘before’ pic.

We did a run/walk pattern and it was very warm. Did the first lap of the northern lake in what felt like a fast time, continued nicely on the second lap. Then entering the finishing chute Emma changed from a steady run to a sprint, catching me completely off guard. The crowd were shouting lots of encouragement and she loved it.

Straight after getting our medals Emma was discussing how we’d approach the next training session. So I think the objective was completed; motivation and confidence 🙂 So proud of Emma and really enjoyed the well organised event.

An ‘after’ pic.

No running stats, other than to say Emma beat me by 1 second on official timing, and we knocked about 2.5 minutes off the time it took in practice earlier in the week.

training run #1352

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Saturday 23 September, 06:51

13C, mild, bright and breezy.  A 13 mile run, following my old route out to Harthill and back.  The marathon plan called for 12 miles but thought I’d do a tiny bit extra. 

I’d felt a slight back niggle getting up, but didn’t notice it again until after the run.  Towards the end of the run left hip/outside of left quads started to feel odd, but didn’t slow or stop me. One to watch.  Right heel  felt sore stretching off.  Overall I’d tried to run easy pace, but probably went slightly faster than I should have.

Drank 500ml water and had a gel and a gummy chew.  Wore new running shorts today, bit like cycle shorts just clinging to quads.  Nice.

Distance:  13.07 miles

Time:  1:56:36

Avg pace:  8:54 min/mile

Calories:  1513

Ascent:  740ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  1 squirrel

training run #1351

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Friday 22 September, 07:36

6C, sunny, clear skies, chill southerly wind.  A 5 mile leg loosener at Rother Valley.  Enjoyed the sunrise as I plodded around the familiar route.  Ended up running a good pace, marathon-like, when I was trying to ease off. Wore new ASICS long sleeved top for the first time, just right for the cooler weather.

Distance:  5.08 miles

Time:  44:40

Avg pace:  8:45 min/mile

Calories:  585

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1350

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Thursday 21 Sept, 07:31

14C, warm, overcast, windy.  A 6 mile run at Rother Valley.  The plan called for a ‘moderate pace’ so didn’t sprint but ran at a bit of a tempo.  Southerly headwind but made good pace and did 2 laps of the main lake. Drank 250ml water.

Distance:  6.05 miles

Time:  52:20

Avg HR:  142bpm

Avg pace:  8:39 min/mile

Calories:  579

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1349

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Tuesday 19 September, 07:46

6C, cold, sunny with clear skies.  An 8 mile run commute into work.  The plan called for mile repeats today, so after the first 2 miles did 3x mile repeats, then cool down run into the office.  

Enjoyed it, intervals gave me something to focus on, felt like a worthwhile effort. The crisp weather was lovely.  Drank 200ml water.

Distance:  8.05 miles (? Fitbit today not TomTom)

Time:  1:10:28

Avg HR:  139bpm

Avg pace:  8:45 min/mile

Calories:  761

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia