training run #1347

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Saturday 16 September, 07:26

12C, cool, grey and overcast.  A 20 mile long run was on the marathon schedule.  This has been a high mileage week, so planned to do a steady pace and just get to Chesterfield and back on the trails, alongside the Chesterfield Canal.

Thought I may have overdressed, swapping a t-shirt for thicker long sleeved NYC top.  Could have got away with a shirt, but it was OK.  Wore gloves too.  Slight drizzle and a bit of light rain on and off.

The mostly flat route was straightforward and I just kept it going. The previous evening I’d calculated to do about 3h10, 9:30 min/mile.  Just had the route and total mileage showing on TomTom, no pace or time data, so just ran by feel. Was shocked by the final total time/pace, which shows I’m on track for sub-4 in Indy 🙂

Took bites of a Chia Charge from mile 4 and finished it by mile 12.  Had a gel at 17 miles and drank 500ml water. Didn’t seem to suffer any energy drop, legs felt mostly good, bit of fatigue in last 2 miles but this was my strongest and fastest 20 miler I can remember.  With Indy being flat this was my first good test of marathon fitness.

Distance:  20.09 miles

Time:  2:54:09 (prev best run #668 in 2013:  3:01:17)

Avg pace:  8:40 min/mile

Calories:  2293

Ascent:  686ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Weekly summary:  7.7+7.7+7.7+5.5+3+20.1=51.7 miles

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