training run #1352

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Saturday 23 September, 06:51

13C, mild, bright and breezy.  A 13 mile run, following my old route out to Harthill and back.  The marathon plan called for 12 miles but thought I’d do a tiny bit extra. 

I’d felt a slight back niggle getting up, but didn’t notice it again until after the run.  Towards the end of the run left hip/outside of left quads started to feel odd, but didn’t slow or stop me. One to watch.  Right heel  felt sore stretching off.  Overall I’d tried to run easy pace, but probably went slightly faster than I should have.

Drank 500ml water and had a gel and a gummy chew.  Wore new running shorts today, bit like cycle shorts just clinging to quads.  Nice.

Distance:  13.07 miles

Time:  1:56:36

Avg pace:  8:54 min/mile

Calories:  1513

Ascent:  740ft

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  1 squirrel


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