Month: October 2017

training run #1376

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Tuesday 31 October, 06:55

8C, cold, overcast. A 4 mile run, tried to keep pace slow.  Noticed right hamstring was tight and it carried on all day.  Put it down to the taper and will foam roller this evening.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  37:11

Avg pace:  8:52 min/mile

Calories:  473

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin 

Wildlife:  1 squirrel, 2 rabbits 

training run #1375

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Sunday 29 October, 09:01

11C, bright and windy. A 7 mile run, supposed to be easy pace.  The pace crept up a bit, felt good.  Ended up running 4 of the miles far too fast, three of them sub-8 min/mile.

Followed this run with another full lap around with Emma, probably her last before her 5k race.

Distance:  6.61 miles

Time:  54:52

Avg pace:  8:16 min/mile

Calories:  730

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1374

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Friday 27 October, 06:51

11C, cool, clear skies. A 3 mile run in London, from hotel (Waterloo) along river and over Millennium Bridge and back. A very comfortable easy jog.

Just a leg loosener, set me up for a day in meetings and on the train.

Distance:  3.02 miles

Time:  27:35

Avg pace:  9:00 min/mile

Calories:  323

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1373

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Wednesday 25 October, 07:05

9C, cold, dark. A 4 mile run, cranking up the pace mile by mile.

Did a warm up mile, then I thought I’d adapt the planned speed work and just go a bit faster in second mile and faster again on the third mile, then ease off for the return home.  Felt ok, minor heel niggle.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  37:05

Avg pace:  8:51 min/mile (fastest mile 7:44 min/mile)

Calories:  471

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

training run #1372

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Monday 23 October, 06:54

9C, cool, dark, very light drizzle.  A 4 mile gentle recovery run.  Heel was a bit sore for the first part.  Managed to keep it slow.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  39:31

Avg pace:  9:26 min/mile

Calories:  479

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Calver race update

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The results are in…..

Overall 51st from 160 runners

Category MV50 – 7th out of 27

Very pleased with that, feels like progress.

Photo at about 4.5 miles

Dark and White Events, Autumn series, race 2 Calver

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Sunday 22 October, 08:40

8C, wind, rain, wind, cold, wind, cloudy. Did I mention the wind? 40-50mph gusts on the tops.  A 10 mile race around the Peak District.

I’ve been looking forward to this for a few weeks. Shame my brother Jeff is working away so missed it.  Got there early, among the first to register.  After getting timing toggle I was chuffed when the woman searching lists for my race number struggled because she was looking at younger age groups.  She said she was surprised I was MV50. #flattered. A good start.

The actual start was halfway up a hill outside of Calver.  As promised by the official setting us off, the first 2 miles were uphill and the first half of the race was running into a strong headwind.  Glad I’d put hat and gloves on. Still freezing though.  Didn’t start TomTom for the first hundred yards, forgot.

At the halfway refreshments I had a gulp of water and one of the gels available, strong blackberry flavour.  Soon afterwards the strong wind was very helpful pushing me uphill.

Over a stile and I saw sheep coming up the field. They turned and followed me diagonally across that field. I was laughing out loud, running slightly downhill with 30 sheep keeping pace very close behind 🙂

Along a few wet farm tracks, I came across one of several puddles almost the full width of the track.  Tried to pass on a bit of muddy grass on the left but my footing gave way and I ended up lying in the puddle!  (Insert expletives here). I dusted myself off and just ran straight through the rest of the big puddles for the next mile or so until the terrain changed.

A steep downhill grass section at around 8 miles, and the last mile was a flat riverside trail so pushed on, plenty of energy left.  Loved it, a well organised event and enjoyed nibbles and coffee before heading home.  Given the slow first few miles I am surprised at the time/pace. Really was a race of two halves.

Got a silver certificate for the decent time and a bit of a graze to left knee for the aquatic antics. Nothing serious. Two weeks tapering now for the Indy marathon.

Distance:  10.1 miles official (TT 9.94m)

Time:  1:31:31 official (TT 1:30:44)

Avg pace:  9:03 min/mile

Calories:  1099

Ascent:  932ft

Trainers:  Brooks Cascadia

Wildlife:  those sheep!!! and cows.

training run #1371

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Friday 20 October, 06:51

11C, cool, dark, breezy.  A 4 mile run, ended up making it a moderate pace as I pushed on a bit.

Legs and joints a little stiff after two non-running days.  A straightforward run, keeping it short now I’m in the taper.

Distance:  4.19 miles

Time:  35:53

Avg pace:  8:34 min/mile

Calories:  464

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  5 rabbits

training run #1370

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Tuesday 17 October: 06:42

12C, cool, clear skies.  A 6 mile run, aimed for very easy, recovery run pace.  Learning to make easy runs easy and harder run hard, rather than my old one-pace approach.  

Enjoyed this early morning run in the semi-dark pre dawn.  Kept easing off and tried to keep it 9 min/mile or slower so that it felt different to a moderate run.  As legs loosened off my pace crept up a bit.  Heel niggle as usual.

Distance:  6.06 miles

Time:  54:25

Avg pace:  8:58 min/mile

Calories:  687

Trainers:  Brooks Glycerin

Wildlife:  8 rabbits

training run #1369

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Monday 16 October, 06:47

13C, mild, breezy.  Did 7 miles, gradually increasing pace.  Was supposed to be a steady recovery 8 miles on the plan, but felt ok and maintained a bit more effort.  Might skip the intervals this week and do the steady run next time.  Looking after myself through this taper.

Distance:  7.11 miles 

Time:  1:00:15

Avg pace:  8:27 min/mile

Calories:  792

Trainers:  Brooks Ghost 10